Wahnfried was the name given by Richard Wagner to his villa in Bayreuth. The name is a German compound of Wahn (delusion, madness) and Fried(e), (peace, freedom).The house was constructed from 1872 to 1874 under Carl Wölfel's supervision after plans from Berlin architect Wilhelm Neumann, the plans being altered according to some ideas of Wagner. He and his family moved in on April 28, 1874. The Wagner family handed over the Festspielhaus and the Richard Wagner Archive to the foundation and donated Wahnfried to the town of Bayreuth. In 1976 Villa Wahnfried was rebuilt true to the original and the Richard Wagner Museum was opened.The front of the house shows Wagner's motto "Hier wo mein Wähnen Frieden fand – Wahnfried – sei dieses Haus von mir benannt." ("Here where my delusions have found peace, let this place be named Wahnfried.").The grave of Richard Wagner and his wife Cosima lies on the grounds of Wahnfried. The house has been a museum since 1976. Visitors can take a walk in the remote Hofgarten, the baroque park of Bayreuth's New Castle, to where a path directly leads.It contains:Bayreuth's Richard Wagner Memorial & The National Archive of the Richard Wagner Foundation.In The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery Grace Nakimura is directed to the museum after viewing all of the displays at the Herrenchiemsee Castle Museum by the receptionist working there in Chapter 4.Georg Immerding is the curator of the Wahenfried museum due to his obsession with the conductor.

In the game Grace can view the following displays:

  • A bust of Richard Wagner and Frank Litsz</li>
  • A room dedicated to Ludwig II</li>
  • Opera paintings and clothing</li>
  • A model of the Wittlesbacher theatre</li>
  • Wagners Piano,desk and the sofa he died on.</li>

    • Wahnfried Exterior front courtyard
    • Wahnfried exterior back garden
    • Drawing of the museum
    • "Here where my delusions have found peace, let this place be named Wahnfried."
    • The painting visible above the entrance to the museum
    • Statue of Ludwig II in front courtyard
    • Main hall of the museum
    • Photo of the entrance to the real Wahnfried Museum with the two busts and piano visible
    • Bust of Richard Wagner
    • Franz Litsz Bust
    • Richard Wagners Piano
    • Wagners Piano plaque
    • Ludwig II room
    • Portrait Plaque
    • Bust of Ludwig II as a classical Greek hero
    • Drawing of the Wittlesbach Theatre and Crystals #2
    • Drawing of the Wittlesbach Theatre and Crystals #1
    • Wagners Letter to Ludwig II
    • Ludwig II's letter to Wagner
    • Ludwig II's Death Mask
    • Ludwigs Death Mask plaque
    • Theatre room
    • Wittlesbacher Theatre
    • Opera Costumes
    • Desk of Richard Wanger
    • Wagners Desk Plaque
    • Wagners death sofa
    • Wagners Sofa plaque

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