Tony is an African-American officer who stands guard in the New Orleans Police Station (GK1HD). He can be seen in the station everyday, usually standing guard inside the police lobby.


Day 1, Gabriel sees him standing near the counter in the Station Lobby. Gabriel attempts to ask some questions but is referred to the Desk Sergeant Frick. Gabriel then random greets him with a hey, and gets a 'hey' in return.

Day 3, Tony stands guard as Crash is interrogated. After Mosely fails to get anything useful, he asks Tony to take Crash away to jail.

Day 6, Tony is zombified along with Frick and Frank, and strangely stare at the mirror leading Gabrial to run out of the office to escape.

Personality and traitsEdit

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Behind the scenesEdit

In the original the African-American officer at Lake Pontchartrain and Tony were apparently the same character, both called uniformed officer.

This appears to be the case in the remake, and he might have joined Mosely at Lake Pontchartrain (GK1HD) while Gabriel was busy trying to find the murder via the Motorcycle Cop. Or at least a similar officer can be seen with Mosely, and later drives off in a police cruiser the detective.

However, while the officer in the game scenes appears to be black, the individual in the cutscene appears to be white causing a continuity issue. Unless the character in the cutscene is a separate officer altogether who had been in the coroner's vane (that happened to have one of Tony (Uniformed Officer)'s lines from the original game).

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