Thomas Leber is the police officer in charger of the investigation of Grossberg's murder in The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery.


Gabriel tries to meet him in Chapter 1 but is unable to do so but then spots him at the crime scene of Grossberg's murder and uses the news reporter to catch his attention by divulging information that has not been released to the public. In Chapter 3 Leber brings him to the police station and he grudginly decides to aid Gabriel in his investigation. In Chapter 5 Gabriel steals Grossbergs ledger from Leber and plays the tape recording to him and information on the suspects and their membership of a hunting club.When Leber decides to bring in the members for questioning,Gabriel realises it will hamper his role as a stool pigeon and so gives him the wrong name and address of the club in order to send him on a wild goose chase.Leber is invited by Grace to the premiere of "The Curse Of Engelhart" at the Wittelsbacher theater as part of her plan to kill Von Glower. When both Gabriel and Von Glower are transformed into wolves by the music Gabriel corners Von Glower in the basement with the furnace with both Grace and Leber guradingin the exit.When Gabriel has killed Von Glower Leber acciddently shoots at Gabriel when he exits.

Behind the scenesEdit

His name Thomas Leber originates in the character glossary in the back of the The Beast Within: Official Player's Guide. He is listed under Kriminalkomissar Thomas Leber.

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