The Return of the Shadow Hunter was part of an introduction included in the The Beast Within: Official Player's Guide. It acts as an 'interlude' of sorts similar to Pause: a Gabriel Knight interlude.

The Return of the Shadow HunterEdit

The shadow falls between good and evil. It falls between duty and desire. And shadows fall all around Gabriel Knight.

Gabriel Knight is the Schattenjäger, the shadow hunter. Generations of Ritters had dedicated themselves to fighting evil wherever it arises; the duty of the Schattenjäger was to take up the shield to battle evil in the name of the light. The family line of work goes back at least as far as St. George, the dragon slayer of the fourth century.

Of course, this was all a huge surprise to Gabriel Knight until just recently. He was an American will-of-the-wisp who gave scarcely a thought to anything other than his own wants and desires.

When a great-uncle he didn't know existed called from Germany to tell him he was the last scion of a revered German family, it was the start of a journey that lead back hundreds of years to a time when witches and devils and curses and blood vengeance were very real. On that unexpected and somewhat reluctant journey of discovery, Gabriel learned about his own blood ties to the Ritters and the Schattenjägers.

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