The Black Wolf was the nickname given to Klaus Von Ralick when was a human in the middle 1700's.Many thoguht that this was due to his great skill as a hunter but it was in fact due to the fact that he treated his peasants poorly and was a man of ill repute.On night in a group of Hungarian gypsy's travelled through his town of Alfalfing and he requested the presence of a young woman.When she refused he had her brought against her will and then raped her and the following morning she allowed to return but she killed herself.When her mother came to Von Ralick she placed a curse on him so that he become the shape and form of his name.As a result he then became a black alpha werewolf that attacked and killed numerous children.He was eventually tracked down and killed by the Schatenjaeger Victor von Ritter on the 20th of April 1750.He was place in the town hall dungeon that night and the next day he had returned to human form and in his confession asked for forgiveness and that his family be freed from the curse and shame.He was executed by first having his arms and legs torn off and eventually hanged.His son Paul Gowden later adopted the name as he stayed in Europe before eventually killing the next Schatenjaeger Christian Ritter who was tracking him down.He then kept the nickname in the late 20th century.

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