The Technical Artist is a character that appears in Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers.


He is a architectural student and abled draftsman. He had been working on drawing of the cathedral for two days as practice[1].

On Day 2 he appears in Jackson Square drawing, when a burst of wind takes the paper away. He runs after it but is unable to reach it where it stuck, behind the bars surrounding the statue. Disappointed he starts another drawing for more practice, only to see Gabriel Knight bringing he drawing back to him. Out of gratitude, he does a job for Gabriel, to reconstruct a pattern out of seven parts (being photographs taken in the Voodoo Murders).

On Day 3 he has completed the reconstruction and gives it to Gabriel. It turns out it is a veve of Damballah.

Behind the scenesEdit

He loses his paper the second time Gabriel enters the screen he is on.

This character is given the name Max in the novel (with a slightly expanded/modified background), and appears as the Artist in the 20th Anniversary Edition, where he loses his draft the first time Gabriel nears him.


  1. TA (GK1): "Life sucks! I just lost two days worth of work.", "Well, I'm an architectural student, actually. It's good practice."

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