The cemetery is divided into three sections. Starting at the entrance, the Gedde Tomb area lies to the northeast of the entrance, and Wright Tomb lies northwest of the entrance. The Wright Tomb appears to lie further in northwest of the Gedde tomb (the screens interact sort of like a 'triangle').


Entrance (Laveau's Tomb)Edit

  • Laveau Tomb
  • Sky
  • Brick
  • Plants
  • Offerings
  • Vase (x2)
  • Fence
  • Statue (x3, two different messages)
  • Plaque (leads to closeup)
  • Markings (leads to closeup on later day)
  • Angel
  • Plants
  • Tomb (x9, four different messages)

Gedde Tomb (GK1HD)Edit

  • Gedde Tomb
  • Tomb (x8, 6 different descriptions)
  • Switch
  • Angel Statue
  • Door
  • Gedde Angel Statue
  • Vase

Gedde Tomb (inside)Edit

  • Ossuary (leads to closeup)
  • Gems
  • Drawers (x9, assorted names)
  • Veve Drawer (closeup)
  • Wallet
  • Broken Glass
  • Back Wall
  • Broken Bulb
  • Button

Wright TombEdit


Day 2, Gabriel doesn't feel like visiting the old family tomb.

  • Wright Family Tomb
  • Fence
  • Tomb (x2, two different descriptions)
  • Statue
  • Snake Statue
  • Franklin Plaque
  • Meryl Plaque
  • Harley Plaque
  • Harrison Plaque
  • Philip Plaque
  • Margaret Plaque
  • Vase
  • $100

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