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Day 1, Gabriel visits the cathedral, but finds the sanctuary empty, and both confessionals occupied.

On Day 3, Gabriel decides to give confessions at the cathedral. He went into the booth and confessed to many sins, but his biggest was his on his history of womanizing. After explaining his past to the priest, the priest says there aren't enough rosaries to get forgiveness for his infidelities. He runs off, leaving the priest confessional booth empty. Gabriel uses the opportunity to enter and steal a priest collar. He also listened to a few confessions from other people as well.

On Day 4, Gabriel sees Crash enter the sanctuary from Jackson Square Overlook (GK1HD).



  • Pews (doesn't appear with 'hotspot' look, but only with mouse over)
  • Pew (Day 4)
  • Confessional (x2)
  • Flags
  • Altar
  • Cherub
  • Confessional (x2)

Confessional (right)Edit

  • Confessional
  • Window
  • Shelf
  • Kneeler
  • Knothole

Priest ConfessionalEdit

  • Priest Confessional
  • Window
  • Box (closeup)
  • Oil
  • Priest Collar


  • Body
  • Shirt
  • Tattoo

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