Ralph is the Lucky Dog Vendor in Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (floppy/CD-Rom).


He used to sell Lucky Dog and likes reading. His cousin, the Beignet Vendor sells beignets and caffe au lait at Royal and Conti.

Ralph appears on Day 2 in Jackson Square. He likes reading, and refuses to sell his wares as he is too preoccupied with his reading. Gabriel Knight gave him a $20 gift certificate to the St. George's Books worth way more than a single hot dog, and Ralph gave him a 'free' Lucky Dog.

On Day 4 Ralph went to college, so his cousin came to his spot expecting to see more customers but there weren't as many tourists as he expected.

Character and traitsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

In Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (novel), this character is named George, and is a long-time acquaintance of Gabriel's.

In GK1 20th Anniversary Edition there is the Dooby Dog Hot Dog Vendor.

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