Neuschwanstein Castle Musuem is one of two castles built by Ludwig II visited by Grace Nakimura in Chapter 4 of The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery the other being Herrenchiemsee.Construction started on the 5th September 1869 and it was completed in 1892.After Ludwig's death it was to be destroyed as per his wishes in his will as he never intended the public to view it, due to him perceiving them as being unable to understand its beauty but since the king had accumulated so much debt Luitpold,Prince Regent of Bavaria decided to open it to paying visitors.The debts were repaid by 1899 and since then the castle has been a source of revenue for the House of Wittelsbach until 1923 and the Bavarian state government afterwards.

Despite its fairy-tale appearance the castle was a fully modern Victorian building with steel-frame construction, electric lighting, central heat and running water.

Contrary to the game's version of history, in reality the composer Richard Wagner never saw Neuschwanstein even though Ludwig built it as a monument to his music. The main building or Palas was uninhabitable until 1884, after Wagner's death, although Ludwig did have an apartment in the gatehouse from 1878.

Located on a rugged hill overlooking Hohenschwangau in southwest Germany the castle contains ornate furniture and many scenes from the operas of Richard Wagner, Ludwig's favourite composer, in the detailed and lavish paintings that decorate each room. Each room accessible by Grace is detailed and explained by a taped tour. These include:

  • Lower Hall:This room contains paintings based on the Siegfried Saga and the door leading to the tower which Ludwig was trying to open when he was arrested.
  • Kings Bedroom:The theme of this room's paintings and sculptures is Tristan and Isolde which premiered in Munich in 1865 when Ludwig was 20. It is one of the most expensive bedrooms ever constructed. It took fourteen woodcarvers four and a half years to construct.The richly carved bed resembles a gothic building with turrets.The bed's draperies were handmade by dozens of Bavarian seamstresses. Water was brought up from the stream under the castle to here.The room contains a stove with clay figures of Tristen and Isolde.
  • Private Chapel:This is located next to the bedroom and contains a stained glass window of St.Louis receiving the last sacrements and a painting of St.Louis surrounded by seraphim above the altar(it along with all images of St.Louis were covered with black cloth for a year.It also contains a gold and ivory crucifix and a statue of the Black Madonna of Altotting.
  • The Kings Living/Drawing Room/Salon:This contains paintings inspired by the opera Lohengrin which mirrors the kings lonliness.After seeing it at 16 Ludwig considered it an enlightenment.The room contains "The Miracle of The Grail" large swan under a picture depicting the "Arrival of Lohengrin at Antwerp" which is an animal Ludwig became associated with himself.
  • Grotto:This is a reproduction of the grotto from the Tannhauser Saga and the Wartburg Castle.
  • King Study Room:The study room is where Ludwig isolated himself from the rest of the world in order to focus on hiis dreams,poetry,paintings and fascination with the occult.The room contains paintings inspired by the Tannhauser Saga.
  • The Singing Hall:Is designed after the singers hall of the Vodbercks castle where minstrel competitions in the 13th century.It was meant for private concerts even though none ever took place despite rumours that in his final years Wagner did perform such concerts(later revealed to be tests on the crystal ball mechanics).In real life the paintings are fom the Parzival Saga.In the game they were replaced in 1882 with from the lost opera "The Curse of Engelhart".The room also contains a balcony and arches where both the Alps and Hohenschwangau Castle ,the castle that Ludwig grew up in is visible.

Floor Plan

Catle Grounds

Complete plan

The complete castle plan

a  Staircase Tower
b  Knights' House
c  Square Tower
d  Connecting Building

e Hall
f  Entrance Hall
g  Palas
h  Upper Courtyard

i  Lower Courtyard
j  Gateway Building
k  Staircase Tower
l  Bower

3rd Floor

Neuschwanstein 3rd floor

The plan for the 3rd Floor of Neuschwanstein Castle

  1. Lower Hall                         8.Salon/Living Room.
  2. Throne Hall                       9.Grotto & Conservatory
  3. Anteroom                         10.Kings Study
  4. Dining Room                    11.Anteroom(adjutants room)                               12.Passage Room
  5. Kings Bedroom
  6. Private Chapel
  7. Dressing Room

4th Floor

2.Throne Hall
Neuschwanstein 4th floor

The floor plan for the 4th floor of Neuschwanstein Castle

13.Upper Hall

14.Singers Hall

  • Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Photo of the real Neuschwanstein Castle's exterior
  • Eterior shot of the real Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Lower hall of the castle
  • The door leading up to the tower
  • Painting depicting a scene from the Siegfried Saga
  • Painting depicting a scene from the Siegfried Saga
  • Photo of the real Lower Hall
  • The King Bedroom
  • Ldwig II's King Bed
  • Alternative view of the King Bedroom
  • Clay statues of Tristen & Isolde in the Kings Bedroom
  • Painting depicting a scene from Tristen & Isolde
  • Painting depicting a scene from Tristen & Isolde
  • Photo of the real Kings Bedroom
  • Photo of the real King Bed
  • Photo of the real kings bedroom
  • 19th century photochrome print of the bedroom
  • Photo of the bedroom swan & mirror
  • The private chapel connected to the Kings Bedroom
  • Photo of the real private chapel
  • Gold & Ivory Crucifix
  • The Black Madonna of Altotting
  • Painting depicting St. Louis & the Seraphim
  • The Living Room
  • The Living Room Chair
  • "The Miracle of the Grail"
  • A swan in front of "The Arrival of Lohengrin at Antwerp"
  • The Grotto from The Tannhauser Saga
  • 20th century photo of the grotto from The Tannhauser
  • Photo of the real grotto from The Tannhauser Saga
  • The Kings Study
  • The Kings Study desk
  • The Kings Study drawers
  • Painting depicting a scene from The Tannhauser Saga
  • Painting depicting a scene from The Tannhauser Saga
  • Painting depicting a scene from The Tannhauser Saga
  • 19th century photchrome print of The Kings Study
  • Photo of the real Kings Study
  • Photo of the real Kings Study
  • Photo of the real Kings Study
  • Grace enters the Singers Hall
  • The Singers Hall
  • Photo of The Singers Hall
  • Painting of The Singers Hall
  • 19th century photochrime print of The Singers Hall
  • Painting of The Singers Hall
  • "Englehart & The Blacksmith"
  • "Engelhart Courts Hildagunde"
  • "The Hunters track down Engelhart & Hildagunde"
  • "Hildagundas Imprisonment"
  • "The Wedding Feast of Hildagunde & The Baron "
  • "The Death of Engelhart"
  • Painting in the Singers Hall depicting a wolf
  • Balcony with view of the Alps
  • Photo from the real balcony of the Singers Hall
  • Photo from the real balcony of the Singers Hall
  • Photo from the real balcony of the Singers Hall

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