Molly is a New Orleans Police Department dispatcher.[1]


On Day 1 Gabriel Knight overheard her dispatching a request from the Coroner asking for assistance at the crime scene, and to the homicide team attending. She was trying to contact the ambulance over a crackling radio to send it to the location[2]. He also overheard her asking if anyone had seen Joe as her requests was not getting through. She dispatched squad cars and Ambulance 91 to the crime scene near Lake Pontchartrain, although everyone seemed to have a problem that day.[3] It took her three tries before she could finally contact the ambulance. She gave him the directions again, and the ambulance finally found the squad car parked there.

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Behind the scenesEdit

In GK1 Molly the dispatcher is represented with 'red text'.

As its mentions there was only one squad car when the ambulance made it to the crime scene, it must mean that either Mosely and black officer (Tony) was at the scene first, or the other two 'white' officers were there first. By the time Gabriel shows up there are two squad cars.

Molly is mentioned twice in the novel (whereas her name is only mentioned once in the game), and her dispatches are different.

Molly is still mentioned in the remake, but the actor doing the voice sounds like a man. At the scene there is only one squad car, and its Mosely's and another officer's. "Molly" also dispatches out an Ambulance 91, however at the scene is actually a coroner van.


  1. Ambulence 91 (GK1): "It's just so misty out here or something, I...hey, I see a squad car! Got it, Molly."
  2. Molly: "<HIst><pOp> Ambulance to <cRack>."
  3. GK1 novel, pg15, 16

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