Michael Hessel is a researcher at the Munich University that specializes in mammals,particularly wolves like Docktor Klingmann.Gabriel approaches him with both the paw print and wolf fur he obtained from the Huber Farm.Micheal eplains that both clues indicate that the wolf is too big to be a wild wolf particulary the Grey wolf as the Grey Wolf are usually only a weight of 35-40kg while the own that left the print weighed  68-70kg  close to an Alasken Timber Wolf .Also the reddish hair does not belong to a Grey Wolf as that species get darker as it ages and more than likely a wolf hybrid as the it looks canine.It has more of a relation to wolf than canine and thus would allow for the large size.The samples of European Wolf fur dont match at all with the other hair sample.

Behind the scenesEdit

(played by Christopher Shea)

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