Meryl Smith is a demonologist and occultist scholer from Miramak,Pennsylvania,USA to visit both the Ludwig II castles and Schloss Ritter with her husband.She arrives at Schloss Ritter meeting up with both Gerde and Grace while staying at Werner Huber's guest house in Chapter 2 of The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery.When she and her husband are about to leave she is given a psychic vision directed at Gabriel mentioning "The Black Wolf".The next time, Grace meets her she performs two pyschic tarot readings using the Major Arcana;one on Grace and the other one on Gabriel.After being told of Grace's dream involving Ludwig II she tells her to try and directly contact the deceased king as she has tried all day to no avail.In Chapter 6 Grace visits her and discuss saving Gabriel and Altotting and shows her the letter from

  • Meryl Smith arrives at Schloss Ritter
  • Meryl is given a vision by a divine source
  • Meryl warns of The Black Wolf
  • Grace with Meryls husband
  • Meryl Smith at Werner Hubers Lodge
  • Meryl Smith gives Grace and Gabriel a Tarot reading

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