Markus is a patron of the Napolean House.


Markus used to be a butcher. He is a sharp-eyed and wears grey sports coat. For years he had been amassing a fortune but he never spent any of it.

Since 1973, he visits the Napoleon House with his friend Sam Singleton every day. He promised Sam that if he ever loses to Sam, he will take him around the world. Although Sam is a very good player, Markus has Sam always psyched out and always wins in chess.

Days 1-2, Gabriel sees Sam and Markus playing chess at the Napolean House.

Day 3, Gabriel Knight needing to find a jeweler to make a bracelet from a mold he has made at Madame Cazaunoux's place asks Sam to help him make the bracelet, but is turned down unless he can win a game. Thanks to Gabriel Knight's pep talk and a little interference Sam wins for the first time against Markus, making him enraged. Markus runs out in a huff.

Day 4, Markus had promised that if he ever won, he would take Sam around the world. Sam planned Markus would keep the promise, and would make sure to get him Markus to spend his fortune during their trip.

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Behind the scenesEdit

This character is referred to as both Marcus and Markus in the 20th Anniversary Edition. He is first met on Day 4 in that version.

The character is referred to as Marcus in the novelization.

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