Mark Kobayashi was a boy Grace's parents wanted her to marry back east.


Most annoying annoying her mother called her regularly to ask her when she would get a serious job, and when she'd accept a date with the 'nice japanese boy' mom had selected.[1]

Mark's parents were traditional Japanese. Grace thought she might marry him eventually, but not right away.


He later got engaged, to someone else. Her mom thought she was ruining her own life, by having turned down Mark in the first place. Grace of course didn't care that he got engaged.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

IT appears that in GK2 hintbook information/novelization that Grace hadn't yet accepted a date with Mark, and he hadn't yet been engaged to anyone.

In the novelization of GK2 his name is mentioned, and its mentioned he's gotten engaged, and that Grace missed out.

All references to Mark Kobayashi are removed in the 20th Annivesary edition for whatever reason.


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