Klaus von Ralick was a baron from Alfing, a small village four hours east of Rittersberg, Germany, in the mid-18th century. He was an alpha werewolf.

Becoming cursedEdit

Von Ralick was a nobleman in Alfing, Bavaria around 1750, where he lived with his wife and son. A brutal lord, his poor treatment of villagers, especially women, earned him the nickname The Black Wolf by his friends. When a Hungarian gypsy camp set up near his castle, von Ralick had his men kidnap one of their young women, bringing her back to his castle, where he raped her. Before he could release her, the girl committed suicide.

The following day, an old gypsy women from the camp came to von Ralick and placed the Lyconia Curse on him, making him an alpha werewolf. Von Ralick soon began to roam the night in wolf form, killing and eating humans.

Capture and deathEdit

Von Ralick killed and ate numerous people in a 40 km region around Alfing for at least 3 years. Finally, word of these murders reaches the Schattenjager, Victor Ritter, in Rittersberg. Victor lays a trap for the werewolf, and catches him by stabbing him through the lung with his dagger. Victor has already agreed to bring the werewolf back to Rittersberg so that the magistrate can discover the identity of the killer.

Von Ralick, mortally wounded, transforms back into a human in the Rittersberg dungeon. He is recognized by a laborer, and a number of villagers storm his castle in Alfing in an attempt to kill his son, as they believe his offspring will have inherited the werewolf curse. Meanwhile, von Ralick makes a confession to a priest, is given a final meal, and is executed by quartering and burning at the stake.


It's unclear just how long von Ralick's killing spree went on. His son is born with the curse, and is at least a few years old when the castle at Alfing is destroyed, thus we know that the murders went on for at least a few years.

Details are found by Mayor Habermas in the village records.

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