On Day 1, Gabriel discovers a sign leading up to the overlook states that the overlook is closed for repairs until June 21st.

On Day 4, the overlook is finally repaired. Gabriel goes up there to spy on Crash who was avoiding him down Jackson Square whenever Gabriel got too close.


  • Sky
  • Balcony
  • Jackson Square
  • Binoculars (x4)
  • Fence (x2)
  • St. Louis Cathedra
  • Presbytére
  • Pontalba

Behind the scenesEdit

In the 20th anniversary edition the icon is placed on the map directly south of the Jackson Square, this is incorrect as there is no building there, rather it is the location of Washington Artillery Park. The actual building where the "overlook" is located is actually southwest (as the icon was located in the original) on top of the Jackson Brewery Company.