iHerrenchiemesee Castle a complex of royal buildings on Herreninsel, an island in the Chiemsee, Bavaria's largest lake, 60 km south east of Munich. Together with the neighbouring island of Frauenchiemsee and the uninhabited Krautinsel it forms the municipality of Chiemsee.After being purchased by King Ludwig II of Bavaria the former Herrenchiemsee monastery was converted into a royal residence known as the Old Palace (Altes Schloss), while the king built Herrenchiemsee Palace also known as the New Palace (Neues Schloss), the largest of his palaces.The unfinished New Palace was designed by Christian Jank, Franz Seitz, and Georg von Dollmann and built between 1878 and 1885. Between 1863 and 1886 16,579,674 Marks[1] were spent on construction. Ludwig only had the opportunity to stay within the Palace for a few days in September 1885. After his death by drowning at just 40 in the following year, all construction work discontinued and the building was opened for the public. In 1923 Crown Prince Rupprecht gave the palace to the State of Bavaria.In the game The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery Grace visits the castle which is a museum dedicated to the king alongside Neuschwanstein Castle.

Items visible are:

  • Letters traded between Ludwig and his cousin Elisabeth of Austria and photos of them.
  • Potraits of both Ludwig II and Elisabeth
  • Details of the last days of Ludwig II and his burial
  • Letters written by Ludwig to his servants
  • Letters written by Ludwig to Richard Wagner
  • Replica of Ludwigs diary
  • Ludwig II's arrest warrent
  • Ludwig II's death mask
  • Ludwig II's cape
  • Paintings of Ludwig II' Sleigh Ride and St Georg fantasy
  • Grace arrives at the Herrenchiemese Museum
  • Herrenchiemese Museum Reception
  • Painting of Elisabeth of Austria
  • Elisabeth of Austria Painting Plaque
  • Ludwig II Painting
  • Letters between Ludwig and Elisabeth
  • Letters between Elisabeth and Ludwig II
  • Letter from Ludwig to Elizabeth
  • Letter from Ludwigg to Elisabeth
  • Note on Ludwig II letter
  • Pictures of Ludwig & Elisabeth
  • Ludwig II St. Georg Painting
  • Ludwig II St. Georg Plaque
  • Richard Wagner & Ludwig II poster #1
  • Richard Wagner & Ludwig II poster #2
  • Richard Wagner Painting
  • Ludwig II diary
  • Ludwig Diary plaque
  • Ludwigs Diary
  • Ludwig and Wagner
  • Painting of Ludwig
  • Diary Entry 1
  • Diary Entry 2
  • Final Moments
  • Ludwig's doctor labels him insane
  • Ludwigs arrest
  • Ludwig's Death
  • Ludwig's Funeral
  • Ludwigs Sleigh Ride Painting
  • Slegih Ride painting plaque
  • Ludwigs notes to servants
  • Ludwig II Death Notice
  • Ludwigs Death Mask

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