Hermann von Aiger is a member of The Royal Bavarian Hunting Lodge.


He owns one of the countrys largest butchering plants and breweriea in Munich thus he applies the clubs philosophy to the love of food and drink.Von Aiger wanting to see Von Zell leave and start his own club introduced him to Grossberg as he was no longer Von Glowers pet anymore.Von Zell as a banker was going to help him with his debts and thus got him to get access to Grossberg.He admits to hearing the sounds of wild wolves around the Bavarian National Forest despite the fact that they are extinct in the area.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name Hermann von Aigner originates in the character glossary in the back of the The Beast Within: Official Player's Guide. Somewhat ironically, while the barons von Glower and von Zell are played respectively by Polish and American actors, Aigner is played by a genuine Austrian baron, Clement Georg Freiherr von und zu Franckenstein.

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