Harrison Knigt, born Heinz Ritter, was the grandfather of Gabriel Knight


The son of Karl Ritter and brother of Wolfgang Ritter. He was a poet and had composed a book of poetry, and the poem "Drei Drachen".[1] When he lived in Rittersberg he used to sit in the chapel to relax. He "wanted out" the Schattenjäger business but didn't really escape it.[2]

He left Germany and migrated to America. While he was still "fresh" off the boat, he fell in love with Ester Wright whom he met at a revival. They married despite her family didn't approve.

They didn't have much money. He worked odd jobs, and they moved a lot. He and Ester were close, but he always kept his past in Germany a secret from her.[1]

He died in his mid-thirties of heart failure and Ester was left to raise their son, Philip Knight, by herself.

Among the things Gabriel inherited from him was a German-English dictionary which he kept in St. George's Books.[1]

Ester kept a trunk with his belongings in the attic, and she told Gabe to skim though them and take whatever he wanted. Gabe took the poem book by Heinz Ritter,[3] and later he found a letter from Karl and a photograph, realising that Harrison and Heinz Ritter wee the same peson.[1]

During his initiation, Gabriel has a vision in the chapel, in which he was in the passenger seat of his Granddad's car, and has a chance to speak with him beyond the grave. He asked Gabe or forgiveness for leaving them, and for not preparing his father to know what he should. He also told him that he shouldn't wait for Wolfgang; Gabe must poceed with the initiation himself as Wolfgang will be in danger and is going to need Gabe.[2]

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Heinz Ritter enjoyed driving his car. He was often dressed in a casual white cotton knit polo shirt and loose khaki pants. A straw Panama was perched on his head and Indian-grass loafers were on his feet.[2]

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