Harald Übergrau is Gabriel Knight's family lawyer.He is introduced to Gabriel Knight when he arrives at his office in The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery.He aids Gabrielin Chapter 1 by providing him with a family tree thus allowing Gabriel access and eventual membership to the Royal Bavarian Hunting Lodge.In chapter 3 he supplies Gabriel with some information on Ludwig II and in chapter 5 he translates Gabriels recording of Baron Von Zell,Docktor Kilngmann & Von Aiger conversing about the escaped wolves,the killings and the exotic animals trader.He also supplies Gabriel with 14,000DM he needs to pay Dorn for information on the escaped wolves and Von Zells and Grossberg's illegal activities

  • Harald sitting down with Gabriel
  • Harald Ubergrau

Behind the scenesEdit

In GK2 Novel, this character is known as Harold Übergrau.

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