Golems are earthen figures usually of mud, stone or sand and other any natural substance.

Earth golems guarded the outer circle of the snake mound, powered by Tetelo.


Golems are an old form of magic and rare. They are tied to specific traps. They were frozen into a lifeless posture and could only have life when the trap was triggered. They become are animated statues and mud-pie like creatures.

The golems were very deliberately and painstakenly laid. Such magic is much harder than can be imagined. They are not easily vivified without extrensive preparation.

The golems were carved human-like forms. It was hewn from the earthen walls. The rear of the statue and the feet were connected to the walls, the front portion of the bodies and the head were carved free and defined. The statues face was in agony, the body in mid-pose. It is possible that their was a real human body under the baked mud.[1]

Golems may have hearts, made of clumps of dirt. Symbolic of a real heart.

Homunculus are creature that does the work usually associated with a golem.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Golems appear in place of the zombies/mummies in the GK1 game. They more or less serve the same purpose. The novel still references their connection to zombies/mummies by mentioning later on zombies, golems, and corpses in one sentence (after Gabriel returns to New Orleans and discovers the still living body of Mosely).


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