George was a Lucky Dog Vendor. As he loved reading, Gabriel Knight took some opportunity on free lunch.


George was the Lucky Dog guy. George was one of the vendors Gabriel had an "in" with, and he'd used it often enough to get a bite to eat. George was practically one of Gabriel's only customers. He hoped Gabriel would get some new material. The last time he was in St. George's Books, he didn't see anything he wanted.

In order to get a hot dog from him, Gabriel lied that he was expecting a new shipment during the week from an estate sale, old paper backs mostly, including some Chandler. George planned to stop by later that day. To sweeten the deal, and manipulate George, who was greedy for books, Gabriel took out his notepad and wrote "Good for $10.00 free merchandise. St. George's Books."

Gabriel received two hot dogs from George, one he ate himself, and the other he gave to the young twelve year old tap dancing boy.

Later that day George went to the bookshop, where Grace embarassingly said that they never had any books by Chandler. Instead she gave him some real crime books by the Time Life series.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit

In the game Gabriel doesn't know the vendor, but later learns his name (Ralph) from his cousin. But they are more or less equivalent characters.

  1. GK1 Novel, Chapter 2

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