Georg Immerding is the curator of the Wahnfried Wagner Museum in Munchen and at the same time a student at the School of Music in Munich University studying composition and conduction.Since his brother is the conductor of the Munich Orchestra he gets free weeks pass every year to the Opera Festival.As an expert on Wagner he is curious about the Wittlesbacher theatre and the lost opera .Grace meets him in Chapter 4 of The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery and he provides her with a diary written by one of the servents of Richard Wagner which confirms her suspicions of the existence of the lost opera and its intentions.When Grace brings him the lost opera in Chapter 6 he is clearly overjoyed and takes the responsibility of conducting the operas premier at the Wittlesbacher Theatre even told by Grace to continue conducting even if anything strange happens;he replies that he will do so even if Wagner himself jumps out on the stage.

  • Georg meets Grace at the Wahnfried Museum
  • Georg is presented with the lost opera
  • Georg Immerding
  • Georg and Grace at the Wittlesbach Theatre
  • Georg conducting "The Curse of Englehart"

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