Franklin Mosely's appearance in the adaptation of the The Temptation novella.

Franklin Mosely or Mostly is Gabriel Knight's childhood friend.


He had a kid sister, with whom he and Gabe played monkey-in-the-middle. They enjoyed horror matinees and medical textbooks. They attended Louisiana State University together. Mosely believed that when they were together they had better luck with women, but in reality Gabe attracted the girls, and Mosely had the leftovers.[1]

Character and traitsEdit

Gabe calls him "Mostly" but Mosely forbids to call him like that in front of other people.

His trademark is his treasured (rumpled and unwashed) black trench which he wore even in summer, his "rayon khakis" polyester pants and brown loafers made of artificial leather.[2]

He is always untidy, from his childhood bedroom, to their room at college, or his office at the New Orleans Police Department.[1]

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