The Electrician is called in to fix the broken thermostat in the New Orleans Police Department.


It is has been a particularly hot and humid summer in New Orleans and thermostat has been on the fritz lately. He unlocks the thermostat cage with his screw driver, leaves his tools nearby on the ocpy machine, and walks away to take a break.

Gabriel sees the thermostat on day one but it is locked up, he later takes advantage of the thermostat problems when the electrician walks away, and leaves the thermostat cage open, to make it seem that it is still 'broken' by turning off the air conditioner when no one is looking.

Personality and traitsEdit

Little is known about his personality. Except that he leaves his work half unfinished. Perhaps he is a union electrician. Gabriel is able to take advantage of his negligence, and no one is the wiser for the hour or so Gabriel spends interviewing Mosely. The electrician never returns even in the time Gabriel leaves the station.

He is a balding man with black hair. He wears green coveralls over a blue shirt, and wears a tool belt, and black workboots.

Behind the scenesEdit

The electrician does not appear in the 20th Anniversary Edition, nor does the locked thermostat cage (on day 1) which the electrician opens on day 2. Instead there is a post-it note that that states 'do not touch'.

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