Crash is an informant to the New Orleans Police Department.


He sells information concerning small time pimps and drug dealers. He has secret connections to the Voodoo cartel of New Orleans and has been witnessed their ceremonies and has a snake tattoo which allows him in.

Sins of the FathersEdit

On Day 3 he is caught in Jackson Square pushing coke. He is in the Police Dept. interrogated by Franklin Mosely who has a hunch that he knows something about the Voodoo Murders, but Crash is very afraid. Mosely tried to offer him witness protection, but Crash knows that "they" know he is there, and nobody can protect him. Tony then puts him in detention for 24 hours.

Crash dead

On Day 4 he is released and found wandering around Jackson's Square in a bad shape. Whenever he sees Gabriel Knight, he moves away. Gabe stalks him from the binoculars to see that he talks to a Rada drummer and then hides in the St. Louis Cathedral. Gabe shows him a snake bracelet to prove that he is into the case, and Crash reveals that he has a snake tattoo on his chest and allows Gabe to interrogate him. Crash reveals that there is a Voodoo cartel in New Orleans which controls everything, and uses Rada drums to send codes.

Personality and traitsEdit

Crash is a young man who hasn't had much of a life. He got in with the wrong crowd, you might say, and it's the kind of crowd one never gets out of...alive. While the work has paid his bills, it's also stolen his soul. he's one step from being a corpse and he knows it, he's just not sure where he took that wrong step and he'd do ANYTHING to take it back.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit


Crash's portrait in the original floppy version.


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