Bruno's Florist shop lies across Bourbon Street from St. George's Books. He is interested to obtain the painting "Three Snakes in a Skull", however Gabriel Knight is less than reluctant as he doesn't like Bruno much, and the painting is the only one he has from his father.

Day 1, Bruno enters the shop on Gabriel's return to the book shop. Gabriel can push him away, insult him, or try to sell him the painting (but Grace steps in to stop him).

On Day 3, after learning about Voodoo Masks, and Willy Jr. at Dixieland Drugstore Gabriel learns he needs $100 dollars. It is the first day Gabriel is able to sell the mask, again Grace will try to interfere but Gabriel has the choice to proceed with the transaction. He gives Gabriel a crisp Benjamin.

Grace who cares for Gabriel ultimately buys the painting back from Bruno and rehangs it back on the wall.

20th Anniversary EditionEdit

Bruno is bit of a hippy, takes flower power a bit too literally perhaps. Bruno is the owner of Bruno's Blooms which lies one block over from St. George's Books. Bruno comes by on Day 4 (the second time Gabriel visits the shop) hoping to buy Gabriel's dad's painting. He gives Gabriel two fifty dollar bills, and hopes to surprise Cid. Grace later buys back the painting as she cares for Gabriel.


Bruno is the owner of the La Fleur de Paris flower shop, next to St. George's Books. He is "bitchy" gay, who likes to observe Gabriel Knight's shop from his window, then show up every couple of days to comment on their lack of cutomers. Gabriel Knight didn't like him much. As he decorates his flower shop in a gothic style, for years he loathed Philip Knight's painting, Three Snakes and a Skull. Being in desperate need for money, Gabe gave it to him for 100 dollars.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Bruno's appearance is somewhat random on Day 1, he might appear after doing nothing for several moments, or by coming back to the bookstore later, and also waiting and doing nothing.

He does not seem to appear on Day 1 in the remake.

  1. GK1 Novel, Chapter 3

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