Professor Bertraim Barclay PHD. is a history professor at Yale University who was Grace Nakimura's professor while she was studying there.He is contacte by Grace in Chapter 2 of The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery when she is looking for information on Bavarain history and Ludwig II.He informs her that that is not his specialty and so tells her he will get her a link to someone he knows in Germany.In Chapter 4,Grace once again contacts him and he gives her the name and phone number of an expert in Bavarian history Josef Dallmeier. Barclays number is (507)555-9253277 and his fax number is (609)555 - 9653 .

  • Professor Barclay in bed
  • Professor Barclay at his office at Yale University
  • Professor Barclays Card

Behind the scenesEdit

He is listed under Professor Bertraim Barclay' in the character glossary in the back of the The Beast Within: Official Player's Guide.

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