The Barely-started manuscript is a rough draft for a new Blake Backlash novel. Gabriel is seen writing it in the intro of the second game and has it in his inventory, hoping that the case will inspire him to find a new plot-line.

Content Edit

Untitled Blake Backlash Manuscript

by Gabriel Knight

Chapter 1, Page 1

Nearly a year after his last big case, Blake Backlash finds himself stuck in a dilapidated castle. He's supposed to be some kind of hero, having inherited late Uncle Dameon's role of "Guardian of Truth and Light" along with this wreck of a fortress. What Uncle Dameon didn't explain was what was he supposed to do next. So far, the most exciting outcome of his new title has involved building plaster and a lot of hammering. It's enough to seek a scion to seek out the highest ramparts and throw himself over. Still, he reasoned things could be worse. If it weren't for the large amounts of cash he'd smuggled out of the voodoo hounfour before it went up in flames, there'd be no 'renovations' and he'd still be freezing his balls off in the bavarian refridgerator.

Fortunately, Blake is spared the ordeal of further self-reflection when a mysterious package arrives in the mail - postmark: India. Curious, he rips open the thick twine binding and out falls

Trivia Edit

  • Gabriel is seen typing this during the intro and even read aloud the last two words before slapping his forehead in frustration.
  • Gabriel channels a lot of his personal frustrations in this manuscript.
  • Gabriel most likely rewrote it completely after his adventures in The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery (especially the package part).

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